Synbio Growth Engine is a cooperation network driven by industries, corporations, and research.

Join Open Roundtables

We are inviting industry representatives, researchers, and innovators to join the Growth Engine Roundtables that will take place during spring 2021


Sustainable Material & Chemical Sourcing

for Consumer Products

We will discuss:

  • Fossil-, field- and animal- free materials for your products (e.g. bioplastics and renewable plastics) Biotechnology has a wide array of tools to biosynthesis ranging from value chemical to bioinks that provide alternative ways of sourcing

  • Identification of the suppliers/producer for the alternative materials. We see building new value chains as one of the primary tasks of the GE.

  • Ethical/Sustainable/Renewable alternatives for existing materials. Are there some materials in your products that are waiting to be replaced?


Sustainable Product Life Cycle

with Synbio Materials

We will discuss:

  • Production in the world of the modern single-use plastic regulations. How does your company face these regulations and how do you go forward in the new market?

  • Recyclable-, Circular-, Compostable Products and Materials. There is a growing end-user pull for decreasing the presence of disposable non-recyclable products. What challenges do you have in making your products comply with home- and industrial compostability? Or do you, possibly, consider different path of circular economy to become your business model in the future?

  • Green adhesives, coatings and pigments. A great start for many manufacturers can be adopting synbio alternatives of the current adhesives, coating and pigments. Many of them have already hit the market and many more can be developed specifically for your needs.


Turning Side-streams and Pollution to Value with Synbio Methods

We will discuss:

  • Waste stream handling beyond composting. How can biotechnology enter into the waste valorisation game? What investments should be made today in order to facilitate for the waste streams of the future.

  • Sorting technology that is required to purify the streams

  • The methods with which any waste (CO2, biological or solid municipality waste) can be raw material for biotechnology

To join one of the roundtables as a participant, send an email to

What is the Growth Engine?

Synbio Growth Engine is a cooperation network driven by industries, corporations, and research.

The positioning of Synbio GE in the sustainability pivot and industrial renewal is in orchestrating the business activities from different silos of the synthetic biology industry for facilitating innovation projects from early-stage to pre-commercial scale.


Sustainable product development

There is a demand for operational environment and research intelligence development in the space created by a sustainability pivot


Consolidated plan & project activities

There is a need for an orchestration agent to channel synbio operational environment development towards commercialisation


Functionalizing the synbio environment

Funding support from BF will be granted to establish the activities on the scope of commercialisation (1-5). The ecosystem to develop it is driven by the SBPH.

Growth Engine Preparatory Phase

In October 2020 Synbio Growth Engine has kicked off the preparatory phase. Members of the Engine and the extended ecosystem will jointly develop services concepts that will be launched in 2021.

Key Activities
Q4 2020 - Q1 2021


What do industry players aim at within the synthetic biology space?

Growth Engine

What services can GE provide to industry players to fast-forward growth.


GE will connect with enterprises, innovators and synbio networks globally to expand its operations.

How does Synthetic Biology Work?

Reprogramming cells genetically to do jobs for our customers

The cells reprogrammed with synbio technologies are living biological factories. They are capable of generating specific products based on their genetic programs.

Using such cells we can biologically use CO2 or industrial- and bio-waste as raw materials and convert them into value products.

How will Growth Engine Work?

By early 2021 GE will introduce a portfolio of services for enterprises at different stages of readiness. We will help you meet your strategic objectives in synthetic biology through collaboration with our research, innovation and enterprise networks.


Discovery and development of new tech


Creating and enriching value chains for production and distribution of synbio products.


Developing short and long-term business plans for getting new products to market nationally and internationally